Free Unicorn Table Decorations

Free Unicorn Rainbow Table Decorations / Centerpieces

Last year my little girl Ellie had a Unicorn Rainbow Birthday party at our local play center. We weren’t really allowed to decorate the tables too much as they had party packages you could purchase. But me being me, I was able to weezle my way into making a beautiful and colourful party table. So to make it look that little bit magical for my daughter, I had to add in some special touches like these cute Unicorn Rainbow Centerpieces table decorations.


These Unicorn Rainbow table decorations were sure a big hit not only for the kids at Ellie’s party but also other moms from other parties. lol
They all asked me where I got them from and wanted to order them right on the spot! I forwarded them my shop information and mentioned where they could purchase them from.

So yes these can most defiantly be purchase from my shop as a instant download but in true Ellie Rose Party Design fashion and as a loyal reader to my blog, these adorably cute and magical Unicorn Table Decorations are yours to download for free. I am also adding not only the 11 inch centerpieces but also the 17″ centerpiece to download for free.

Tools & Equipment

  • ​​A4 White card stock or A3:  The ones I use I purchase from my local stationery store, Office Works.  But this  A4 Card Stock paper is perfect to use and print at home.  Also really good quality and strong enough to make your centerpieces.
  • Wooden Plaque:  ​A must for getting those centerpieces to stand up and be sturdy.  My husband makes mine and he gets it from the local hardware store.  But these Wooden Plaque would work just as well and comes in all different shapes and sizes. 
  • Wooden Dowel:  This is like the “spine” for the centerpiece.  Helps keep it standing.  A much cheaper and easier way is to purchase them from your local hardware store but if you don’t have one near by or would prefer it to be sent to you, try these Wooden Dowels.  
  • Hot Glue:  ​I use heavy duty Hot Glue, which I purchase from our local hardware store.  I like the nozzle to be thing, so it pores out slower, but any Craft Hot Gluewould work fine too.  
  • Popsicle Sticks:  These are like the “bones” to your centerpieces (lol) .  I get mine from our local craft shop but these Popsicle Sticks are actually way cheaper to buy if you are wanting it in bulk.   
  • Scissors:  If I am not cutting out my decorations with my Cameo, I am using my really sharp Westcott Craft Scissors.  I purchased mine from Amazon and are really sharp and fit my hands great.  
  • Printer:  Of course you would need a printer.  If you don’t have one at home, try a online printing store or go to your nearest stationery shop that does custom printing.  If you are looking for a good quality printer, this Printer is fantastic with printing A4, A3+ which are great for those 2 foot centerpieces 
  • Silhouette Cameo:  Most of the time when I am doing large orders and not filming DIY videos for you guys, I am cutting out my party printables/decorations with my Silhouette Cameo.  Easy and super fast


DOWNLOAD: Unicorn Table Decorations



How To Assemble Tutorial

Below please find an example of  how you can assemble your centrepieces:


2 thoughts on “Free Unicorn Table Decorations”

  1. Thank you Ellie for the free decorations.
    This really helps me because I am a single parent of 3 girls. Sorry I can’t purchase your video’s but I am on a budget so this really helps

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for your message – not sure what you mean by purchasing my video’s as there are no videos to purchase?? 🙂 You will receive a coupcon code to your email address that you click on and it will take you straight to where you can download it from. Hope that helps

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